Low Cost Embedded General Machine Vision

Automation Manager - configurable Machine Vision and Automation Software - is configured and delivered running on the Raspberry PI a very inexpensive computer. Some pre canned applications have are made available and also a generic automation inspection software is available. This technology enables inexpensive machine vision and automation control.


  • Optional Remote access to a PC for configuration
  • Modbus Comms support
  • Use on board digital IO (5V)
  • Use on board PI camera or attach an external usb camera

Sample Configurations Available

  • In Process fault capture or End of line audit
    • Record up to 500 image prior to an event and then more after the event.
    • Alternative capture time stamped images to mark the end of process for audit purpose
  • EzMeasure
    • Point and click manual inspection software
  • Automation Manager
    • Configurable Generic Machine vision software